Lead Management

The AXON Fintech Lead Management is based on three key elements:

Good personal contacts are crucial for marketing success. The Digital Banking Platform by AXON Fintech innovatively links existing customer relations and interesting target customers or decision-makers in the economy. Emanating from the customer base, the most promising target customers will be prioritized for the respective segment, based on established assessment charts. Using “Relationship Capital Analysis”, existing contact and customer networks are made transparent and potentials for an intelligent handling of the market are systematically produced. The digital relationship manager can be put to use in both private and retail banking environments.

  • Efficient handling of the market through business support

  • Capitalization of customer portfolios

  • Intuitive dashboard

  • Efficient sales management

Complete commercial register data

Even the standard solution disposes of all commercial register data available and hence has no need of manually being completed by using external sources.

Smart Data

The system is capable of recognizing connections between persons as well as companies because of intelligent connections. By that, the system sees who knows whom, and of what nature those relations are. Hence, you are able to estimate, where the most interesting lead chances lie.

Smart Data

Based on scores and ratings, the system can make predictions about which banking products and services will be appealing for present as well as potential customers, be it a private person or a company.


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