Customer & Product Onboarding

From intuitive data acquisition to compliance, risk assessment and even authorization and automatic activation of individuals, companies and products in peripheral systems. The Digital Banking Platform by AXON Fintech enables a completely digitalized onboarding process, as self-service from home or from on the road as well as at a POS (point of sales.)


  • Self-onboarding/self-service onboarding

  • POS onboarding (bank counter)

  • Fully End-to-end digitalized

Customer Onboarding

All requirements necessary for starting both company and personal customer relations are combined in an intelligent way. All legal requirements are met by default. The technical conditions for examining a new customer related to the Anti-Money Laundering Act are also part of the solution.

  • Onboarding of companies and private persons
  • Compliance (FATCA)
  • Environment analysis (VSB16, GwG, credit-worthiness)

Product Onboarding

All established banking products are integrated into AXON Fintechs Digital Banking Platform by default:

  • Payment (e.g. credit card)
  • Savings (e.g. savings account)
  • Investment (e.g. mortgage)
  • Finance
  • Financial security (e.g. retirement provision)

Thanks to a modular construction, the onboarding process is flexible and can be expanded by new, individual products at all times.

Data Gathering

The collection of all customer data necessary is achieved by a context-sensitive and configurable rule system. The system recognizes gaps in customers data and simultaneously knows, which specific rules need to be applied in future information retrieval. The integrated monitoring tool provides an oversight with regarding missing elements as well as finished and unfinished process steps.

By involving external resources, things like credit rating and identification of potential customers can be accessed and checked in real time.

  • Compliance with all legal requirements
  • Context-sensitive and country-dependent rule system
  • KYC and credit rating access in real time


Document Management

The module contains the process logic for the entire application process that is needed for a customer relation: preparation, assignment, distribution, as well as surveillance of all documents. All relevant documents are identified with respect to the specific business case, then allocated to the respective dossiers and integrated automatically.

  • Complies with FATCA, QI etc.
  • Template-based
  • Integration of all relevant documents
  • Signing of all documents possible by hand, electronically or via eSignature



The module regulates the routing of the process based on the decisions of your approval or compliance department. While the documents are being screened digitally, the signatures are compared additionally for additional safety at the same time. You may order clearance for either a single or all documents (batch processing). Additionally, the Digital Banking Platform by AXON Fintech provides the compliance and risk results listed in an abridgement and regulates the task management of all dossiers.

  • Granular and company-specific role concept
  • Iterative process (acceptance, decline, or rejection)
  • Next-best-action (intelligent work process optimization)



All documents needed for opening up an account are automatically gathered and prepared. The customer is informed via digital channels as soon as the process has successfully been finished. Activation is the completion of the onboarding process and the actual interface to the core banking systems. The Digital Banking Platform by AXON Fintech enables a simple and efficient integration of all peripheral systems of a bank.

  • Seamless integration via standard interfaces
  • Easy activation of downstream company processes


The digital transformation in banking evolves daily.

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