AXON Fintech does not only dispose of the necessary know-how regarding finances but goes beyond banking processes with its digital business platform. The finishing of one process may automatically trigger another process. The Digital Banking Platform by AXON Fintech provides all data and analytics necessary. By relying on enduring solutions, the safety of our customers’ investments is ensured. In a successful digital transformation in the field of banking, technology, data, and knowledge are crucial. The Digital Banking Platform by AXON Fintech merges those three factors into one solution:

  • The only Fintech solution, that is based on Gartner certified technology (Magic Qudarant for Intelligent Business Process Management Suites)
  • The only Fintech solution, that disposes of own data (private persons and companies)

  • The only Fintech solution, that combines well-founded banking know-how with process knowledge




  • Orchestration of processes and systems overall the value chain

  • Bank specific set of rules with all legal requirements

  • Individual configuration based on standard components

  • Reusable set of business functions in a modular construction system


  • Absolute transparency, less mistakes because of reduced manual input, and drastically simplified processing thanks to commercial register data, smart data, and network analysis.

  • The essence of all data (own and third party’s) is intelligently being used within business processes.

  • By analyzing the relations between persons and companies, leads are recognized, and the handling of the market comes into focus (usage of potential smart data.)

  • Community detection shows customers’ affinities via scores and ratings.


  • Well-founded know-how in finances

  • Specialists in the field of compliance

  • Proven experience in the field of data science and analytics